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About me as a designer.
My design philosophy is to keep it simple. I am a fan of Steve Krug's book, Don't Make Me Think. I believe that philosophy comes through in this site and hopefully, every site that I work on. Since I advertise that I code, a decision was made to build this site from the ground up. It would have been easier to spin up a WordPress portfolio theme, but I wanted this site to act as a part of the portfolio too.

The skillset. I design with Photoshop and Illustrator. I use InDesign when it's called for. I code HTML and CSS. Getting better with JavaScript, but Stack Overflow is a great safety net. I can wrangle WordPress and am certified on HubSpot. I can talk with developers and listen to clients. People find me easy to work with. My designs can pivot on a dime and I thrive in an Agile environment. There's nothing like working on a team, there's also nothing like working independently, both rock and both should be part of the process. I am RGB as well as CMYK. I was the designer for the winning team at Startup Weekend, Cedar Rapids, 2015.

Empathy, it's a tool that helps me design with the user in mind. When designing a website/user experience, I think it is the key to a successful site. I believe we can put a user at ease with a dash of friendly language, an intuitive interface, instruction when needed, and a human voice.

I am passionate about the design side of things, but I also enjoy turning on the other side of my brain to code a website. Design and code to me are polar opposites and putting those together is so satisfying.

About me, a quick biography.
I was born and raised in Colorado. After getting my degree I decided to try something new and moved to Washington DC. I didn't really have a plan or much money, but I was determined to make it work. I bought a one-way airplane ticket, packed a backpack and a box (seriously) and turned that big decision into a life I'm proud of. I lived in DC for roughly 20 years, minus a year that I spent between mountain biking in Colorado and backpacking through Europe. Another big decision that I'm so happy with and proud of.

Fast forward to the year 2010. I had gotten married and wanted to start a family, so we moved to Cedar Rapids and had a daughter. I was working as a freelance designer and working at a cafe on the side for some steady income. Freelancing is rewarding, but it can be rough with the inconsistency. I decided to stop spinning the wheel and took a job at Fusionfarm in Cedar Rapids as a web designer.

Aside from design, I am passionate about music. In another life I'm sure I'm a rock star. In this life, I am extremely clumsy with a guitar and I just don't have the ear to string together even a few notes. My best musical talent is putting a needle into a record groove. I've seen hundreds of live shows, I've traveled to other countries to see a band play, I absolutely love music. It goes without saying, even though I'm saying it, my daughter is cool beans.


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