we fought the big one

I've been designing all of We Fought the Big One's print materials for 14+ years. I do their flyers, CD covers, t-shirts and posters. Every month I get an email with an image to use for their upcoming night and the text to accompany that image, then they let me go to town. I act as art director and designer for every project I do for them. With the naming of the night, they have always liked the look of old propaganda posters, so I often try to give their designs an old, aged look, like they're an artifact from history. I'm like the Peter Saville of We Fought the Big One, and yes I just compared myself to Peter Saville. No disrespect to Peter.

WFTBO flyer August 2016 WFTBO flyer June 2016 WFTBO flyer March 2018 WFTBO flyer April 2018 WFTBO flyer June 2018
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