Having been a graphic designer for as many years as I have, there is a massive portfolio of work to display. That creates a bit of a problem when trying to showcase it. I can’t just show everything I’ve done, that would be a tremendously large site and would take a long time to click through.

For websites I want to show you some sites that have a place in the real world. Something that the user can do what needs to be done on that site. I also wanted to display skills, other than design, like development of CMS sites like WordPress and HubSpot.

The print section. I am such a fan of music and with music posters and flyers we get to use a little more of our creative brain. There isn’t a user experience to think about. It is information brought to you with an eye-catching image.

For identity design, not much to explain. They are a quick look, so I’ve added a few more of those. I hope they give you an idea of my versatility.




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